1. Awards are intended to recognize exceptional service and merit, at an appropriate level.
  2. Awards are not to be an automatic reward for tenure of office.
  3. Awards are to be conferred as warranted, and not on an annual, regular or routine basis.
  4. Recipients need not be ostomates, members or affiliates of ostomy associations. A recipient may be a surgeon, a member of the nursing or medical professions, a medical field worker or family member who has displayed qualifying credentials.
  5. No award will confer any formal appointment or provide any monetary reward.
  6. As a general principle, people engaged in paid employment or in a contractual capacity with an ostomy association or related organisation, or appliance company personnel, shall not be considered for nomination. However, if an association or the ACSA executive considers that a compelling case exists for such a nomination, then all relevant financial arrangements and dealings past or present between the nominee and the association/organisation must be disclosed in the nomination form, and such cases shall be assessed by the awards committee.