Margaret Allan is a qualified Nutritionist and the director of Nutrition for Ostomates, a consulting service that provides specialised nutritional support catering to the varied yet specific health needs of ostomates.  She has had extensive exposure to the particular challenges and concerns of ostomates, and is passionate about supporting individuals in their journey towards health after stomal surgery.

Margaret has spent many years researching and evaluating the dietary needs of ostomates in comparison to the general population, and understands the potential nutritional demands and dietary limitations that can arise from stomal surgery. She provides quality nutritional advice that is personally tailored to individual needs, and uses a common sense approach to provide practical solutions to a range of dietary issues across all stoma types.

The Nutrition for Ostomates consulting service includes a range of consulting options to suit individual preferences.  Nutritional consultations can be conducted in-person in several locations, or via the internet as part of the Nutrition for Ostomates Outreach Program.  Outreach consultations are particularly suited to ostomates in regional and remote locations where specialised dietary support may not be readily available.

In her consultations Margaret addresses dietary adequacy and suitability, ensuring that nutrient requirements are being met in the best possible way without added stress, but also delves deeper to consider the overall health of the ostomate and possible causative factors behind ongoing issues.  Margaret provides dietary recommendations and recipes, education and mentoring, tailored supplement support, and overall lifestyle and wellbeing strategies to support individual health goals.

For more information on the Nutrition For Ostomates services and support options or to contact Margaret, please refer to the Nutrition For Ostomates website at: www.nutritionforostomates.com.au

Hints and Tips for Eating with an Ileostomy

Just because you now have an ileostomy you do not have to change your eating habits. You may now be able to eat foods you were having trouble with prior to surgery. Each person is an individual and will react to each food type in their  own way. It is important that you have a [...]

Hints and tips for eating with a Colostomy

REDUCING gas / wind production Eat your food slowly, chew with the mouth closed and avoid gulping your food Eating too much food at one time adds to discomfort Eat regular meals, as skipping meals is more likely to increase gas production Foods that may CAUSE gas / wind Cucumber Peas Beans Orange juice Onions [...]

Food, fluids and electrolyte balance for the person with an ileostomy

Ileostomy diet, fluids, output and medications You do not need a high fibre diet when you have an ileostomy You do need more water and other fluids than you did before You may need to have smaller, more frequent meals You will need to chew your food well You will need to increase your salt [...]

Hydration for Ostomates

The summer months are here and, whilst it is a great time of year with lots of fun, frivolity and relaxation, there are also some important considerations for Ostomates in staying healthy during this time. And one of them is to remain hydrated during the warmer weather. Hydration is very important for Ostomates, muchmore so than [...]