The Australian Council of Stoma Associations

The Australian Council of Stoma Associations Inc (ACSA) represents, at a national level, the interests of 21 regional Stoma Associations and, through them,  approximately 46,000 persons living with an ostomy and located throughout Australia. ACSA provides liaison with the Australian Government in relation to access by persons living with an ostomy to products funded through [...]

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Stoma Appliance Scheme access fee The Stoma Appliance Scheme Access fee is set by each stoma association and is payable to the stoma association where the member (usually) obtains their stoma-related products. The fee shall be payable once per financial year to the association where the member usually obtains their stoma-related products. The fee is [...]


Northern Territory

Street address - Unit 2, Casi House, 25 Vanderlin Drive, Wanguri NT 0810 Postal address - PO Box 42719, Casuarina NT 0811 Contact telephone number (including an after hours emergency number if available) – (08) 8944 1800 Fax number - (08) 8927 4990 Email address – [email protected] Website link if available – nt.cancer.org.au/support/Ostomy Service Opening [...]

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New South Wales

Street Address:          Unit 6 555 Princes Highway Kirrawee NSW 2232 Unit 6 18 Monro Ave Kirrawee NSW 2232 Postal Address:          PO Box 3068, Kirrawee NSW 2232 Telephone Number: 02 95421300 Fax Number:                02 95421400 Email Address:           [email protected] [...]

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Dietary Advice for people with a High Output Stoma

[fusion_dropcap]H[/fusion_dropcap]igh output stomas are created to prevent further damage to the bowel from several conditions including blood clots, radiation damage, or diseases such as Crohn’s disease. You are said to have suffered intestinal failure or short bowel failure when a large part of the bowel is no longer able to function or has been [...]

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Vegetable Consumption

[fusion_dropcap]A[/fusion_dropcap] survey that was the largest and most comprehensive health survey ever conducted in Australia was carried out between 2011 and 2013. It was appropriately called the Australian Health Survey (AHS) and had some interesting findings. The aspect of the findings I would like to focus on for the purposes of this article is vegetable consumption. It was determined via the AHS [...]

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The Benefits of Fermented Food

[fusion_dropcap]T[/fusion_dropcap]here are many nutritional and digestive benefits for Ostomates in consuming fermented foods and/or beverages on a daily basis. It has been postulated that the lack of fermented foods in our modern day diets may be a contributor to the influx of digestive disorders related to lack of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. The lack of these beneficial [...]

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Lactose Intolerence

[fusion_dropcap]L[/fusion_dropcap]actose is the sugar molecule found in milk. It is digested by the enzyme lactase that is secreted by intestinal cells. Lactase activity is highest immediately after birth so infants can digest milk appropriately, but in the majority of people lactase activity declines dramatically during childhood and adolescence to about five to ten percent [...]

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Nutrition for Ostomates

[fusion_dropcap]T[/fusion_dropcap]he summer months are here and, whilst it is a great time of year with lots of fun, frivolity and relaxation, there are also some important considerations for Ostomates in staying healthy during this time. And one of them is to remain hydrated during the warmer weather. Sue, a lovely sixty-nine-year-old lady, [...]

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